About Taste the City

Taste The City offers tasty urban tours in Antwerp , Brussels and Munich. Our goal is to introduce visitors and locals to the ultimate cultural experience. And for us, food and drinks are essential to that experience. Traditional cuisine reflects the unique history, lifestyle, and values of a community. It’s a gateway to culture and we treat it as such! Our guided tours are designed for anyone who loves to eat or drink and wants to explore the local scene in an authentic way. Our main priority on all tours is ensuring you have a great time.
At Taste The City we are passionate about authentic food, great beer, and local specialties. Our local guides are deeply in love with their city and they are experts at making you feel at home. They’ll keep your belly satisfied and fill you up with fun facts and great insights, and being true storytellers they can convey the city’s stories in an engaging and compelling way.

Taste the City Guides

Our team during a team activity in one of our city breweries.

The founder of Taste the City



Taste The City was founded in 2015 by Erwin, a real Belgian beer lover. At the time, he was working as a guide in Antwerp and Breendonk (Fortress of Breendonk). He was also guiding tours at brewery Het Anker in Mechelen. His enthusiasm for his job, combined with his love for beer and his Burgundian lifestyle, inspired him to offer tasty tours in his hometown Antwerp. And with success. Taste The City soon became a reference when it comes to food tours and beer walks.

Later on, Erwin expanded his expertise and work field to Brussels. Today, he’s working in yet another destination: Munich in Germany. Erwin loves Bavarian culture. That kind of makes sense, because beer is a big part of daily life there too. If you’d ask him what’s next, he probably wouldn’t know. But he will start new projects in the future for sure. New experiences excite him, the same way beer – especially Belgian Tripel – excites him.

Here he is at one of Taste the City’s special events to promote a local brewery.