By booking any of our tours, all participants, meaning both the person who made the booking
as well as all their guests, agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Every participant is responsible for his/her own safety during the tour. Taste the City will not be held responsible for any accidents, thefts, injuries or any other events that cause harm to a person or their belongings.
  • Every participant is expected to behave in a responsible and respectful manner, including, but not limited, towards other participants and towards the Taste the City guide. Drunk, reckless or otherwise unacceptable behavior will result in the participants exclusion from the tour without any refund or other compensation. The Taste the City guide or representative has full authority to decide which behavior is acceptable and which isn’t.
  • Our tours start on time. Showing up late will result in missing the tour without any refund or other compensation.
  • Every participant agrees that all pictures, videos and other visual material made of them by Taste the City during the tour is the sole property of Taste the City and can be used by Taste the City for promotion either online or offline.